How to Improve Your Armbar From the Guard Now and Win at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Most attempts fail because armbar also four common mistakes to improve your chances to end this presentation is important to understand some basic mechanisms to complete the armbar . Let the armbar as a position as the mountain , custody or control side. Once in the right position can easily increase hyperextension of the elbow hip causing opponents to touch or break his arm . These are the most common mistakes .

1 - It is not perpendicular
2 - No Thumbs Up
3 - Do not squeeze your knees together
4 - Do not do squats

The first step to get into the right position is perpendicular to arm bar . Japanese or Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu arm bar called juji judo - which means gatame armbar with cross, is so named because its opponents acrossed your body. Here is an example I use to get people in the right position. Imagine that you are looking down on the two fighters , a fighter is in the custody of the other . Now imagine that you look at the face of a clock and the person at the head of the needle head is in minutes and the person is the capital of the needle head for hours, it would be midnight. The fighter on the bottom should turn your body with the head pointing to nine or three depending on the arm is taken .

Second stage, with the thumb up . Here is the bottom line, if you thumb pointing to one side or chest are not violated you give them a chance to escape . A great way to ensure that gold is up, that's when you make the arm is seizing his hand in a " handful of fight " like you and it would tussle , which still provides the thumb pointing up.

The third step is to squeeze your knees together this isolates the arm and keeps it in rotation, but also protects the groin unwanted pressure when you lift your hips to hyper extend your arm.

The fourth step is to wrap your legs like trying to touch your heels on the buttocks. This trap your opponent's upper body and prevents you from simply point the arm completely out of the reach and attempt to ruin his armbar .

Now put it all together. Instead of just throwing a leg over vaguely hoped to land, you turn perpendicular imagine, thumbs, knees and shaking squat , hes taken and exploited. Follow these four guidelines and finishes armbar trigger .