Tips to Lose Weight in College

Being a freshman in college is not a easy task. It is a rapid transition from an easygoing high school lifestyle to a fast-paced hectic schedule filled with grueling lectures and approaching deadlines. In the midst of this chaotic transformation, freshmen are prone to get stressed out. As a result of this, they tend to overeat, and even skip any form of exercise or physical activity that they might have indulged in earlier.

The "Freshman 15" syndrome is a belief that upon joining college, almost every freshman gains something close to 15 pounds in the first few weeks. This is more than just a myth and is a phenomenon that is commonly observed by many freshmen across the country. There are some pretty simple ways which can help a freshmen avoid the dreaded "Freshman 15" syndrome.

Walk While Studying
Losing weight when in college requires some smart and innovative ways of exercise and physical activity. If you are burdened by tests and have a lot of reading to do, try walking around while you are reading. This will keep you from falling asleep, and also help you burn some calories.

Run to Class
This is another great tip to lose weight quickly. Running to class will save your time and burn calories at the same time. Be sure to carry around a towel to wipe your face though. Remember, just because you're running to class does not mean you have to be late.

Get Active
Your laziness and procrastination plays an equal part in the weight-gaining process. Get out of bed early and be active in order to burn some more calories. Join the football team, the running team, or play any other sport you like.

Control Alcohol
Alcohol causes you to gain calories. Regulate and moderate your consumption, it is a sure way to control unexpected weight gain patterns.

Don't Eat While Studying
This is a mistake many freshmen easily make. To control the level of stress that they feel due to looming deadlines, many freshmen have a tendency to gorge on unnecessary items while studying. This is an extremely bad habit that can be easily avoided. One of the best healthy habit is to refrain from munching and snacking while studying. Alternately,

No Midnight Snack
Almost everyone has a tendency to indulge in some midnight snacking. This helps one stay awake, and also carries an alluring feeling of satisfaction. But this too, increases your weight. Make a conscious effort to control your appetite, and eat a healthy dinner instead. If you must munch on something at night, the least you can do is make sure that it is something healthy. This is an annoyingly addictive habit that many people regret after a few weeks of regular indulgence.

This is one of the most recommended methods that may not only help college students, but also other people. You're probably burdened by a lot of assignments and tests, but if you can manage to take the time out to exercise regularly, you will not have to worry about "Freshman 15" syndrome anymore. Hit the gym, go cycling, go swimming, or go trekking. The amount of options that are open to you in order to lose weight are plenty. Make use of the facilities that are available to you.

At the end of the day, losing weight requires more than just hard work. It requires willpower, dedication, sincerity, and commitment. You need to make changes in your lifestyle in order to combat weight gain.

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