Know the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

You can give a massive turnaround to your health by regularly having a deep tissue massage. After a long tiring day at work, instead of popping painkillers, this would be the best way to rejuvenate and experience overall improvement in health. In short, this type of massage can help you stay healthy. The following discusses the various benefits of deep tissue massage.

Relieves Chronic Pain
Constant, nagging pain arising from musculoskeletal problems can be tough to deal with. However, this type of massage that targets soreness deep within the muscle tissue can assist in managing such medical conditions. Chronic pain is never confined to the superficial layer of the skin, and often arises from the deep tissues within the body. Hence, as this massage manipulates the deeper painful layer of muscle tissue of the neck, shoulders, back, and other areas of the body, it works to relieve chronic discomfort.

Removes Toxins
Regularly having a deep tissue massage can also help get rid of accumulated toxins in the body. Aching muscles are often the result of toxin overload in the muscle tissues. The massage facilitates blood flow throughout the body, which helps remove toxins trapped in the muscle tissues. After attending a massage session, it is often recommended to have adequate water in order to flush off the toxins released from the muscle tissues.

Alleviates High Blood Pressure
This is a natural way to manage chronic conditions like hypertension. This type of massage tends to lower stress, which works to prevent spikes in blood pressure. People who face a lot of stress on a daily basis and have an increased risk of hypertension should undergo these sessions to cope up with stress. One study that evaluated the impact of deep tissue massage on blood pressure, noted a reduction in average systolic pressure by 10.4 mm Hg, and a decrease in diastolic pressure of 5.3 mm Hg.

Eliminates Scar Tissue
It provides a natural way to get rid of scar tissue. Scar tissues that occur after a wound heals lie deep in the inner layers of the skin. As the massage targets deeper tissue structures, the increased blood circulation that boosts nutrient transport in these deep sections of the muscles helps eliminate scar tissues.

Aids Muscle Healing
Sports-related injuries often damage the deep tissues of the body. As this type of massage puts pressure on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, it can help heal damaged muscles. The slow deliberate strokes that work on deeper layers of connective tissue help release tension of the injured muscles.

Improves Mobility
People who have been recently injured and have undergone surgery often suffer from muscle stiffness. In such circumstances, deep tissue massage can help improve the range of motion. Apart from increasing blood circulation, it stimulates drainage of waste products from the lymphatic system, which assists in improving flexibility.

Relieves Arthritis Symptoms
The massage is found to enhance blood circulation, which boosts flow of oxygen and nutrients, as well as encourages toxin removal from the tissues close to the affected joints. This can help in mitigating the symptoms of arthritis effectively. For instance, a deep tissue hand massage was found to improve joint mobility, thereby making it easier to move the hands. However, it should be avoided when the arthritis symptoms have flared up. It has to be done when the arthritis has subsided, which works to prevent inflammation of the joints.

On the whole, better blood flow associated with deep tissue massage can work wonders to get rid of toxic waste, enhance functioning of the internal organs, and promote overall well-being.

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