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Dietand body weight: How soft 
drinkseffect and other sugar-sweetened beverages?
If you for weeks every day drinking a small bottle of sugar-sweetened soda, the body weight may increase by a quarter kilograms on average. Take overweight people regularly large amounts of sugar-sweetened beverages, may contribute to reduce this amounts to a weight loss.

Beverages may already be sweet by nature , such as pure fruit juices or fruit juice drinks that contain sweet juices such as apple juice . However, the drinks may also have been nachgesüßt - about with sugar ( as sucrose ), honey or artificial ( synthetic ) agents such as saccharin or aspartame.

Sweeteners on the basis of juices or natural sugars are referred to by nutritionists as " sugar-sweetened soft drinks " , these are also high in calories . The synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharin provided the drinks , although with a sweet taste, but they do not have calories and no nutritional value.

Sweetened beverages and beverage preparations are heavily advertised . This includes all variations of lemonade or carbonated soft drinks such as cola or orange soda - but also sweetened fruit juices or flavored milks . Especially popular are these sweetened beverages among adolescents and young adults , especially males .

Quality of research on the influence of sugar-sweetened beverages

There are many theories about the influence of drinks generally to a balanced and healthy diet, and especially on the weight. There are many conflicting research results on this subject - and therefore expert recommendations. This has several reasons:

In the studies that examine the effect of sweet drinks , not carefully enough research separated between different sweetened beverages .

It is not recorded what happens to a comparable group of people who do not take sweetened drinks. That is, no one has used so-called controls. More on why this may lead to different or even misleading research results, you can read here .

In some studies as evidence of a possible weight loss due to fewer sugar-sweetened beverages , the body weight control only after a relatively short time (24 hours). However, this value indicates rather something about how much fluid a person has stored in the body and not whether this has actually lost weight.

The way to measure the effect of treatment or change in behavior , so it can affect the research results .
Some recommendations are based even on results of animal experiments and not on human studies .

Search for studies to review all theories of sweetened beverages and body weight

Scientists of the U.S. universities of Indiana and Alabama have searched for studies in which the effects of non-alcoholic sweetened beverages on body weight has been carefully checked. In this case, these were two important questions:

Does the type of beverage and the amount thereof an influence on the development of obesity?
Is that changing body weight, when people take less of these beverages to himself than before?

However, the researchers found surprisingly few good-quality studies on the relationship of beverages and weight gain.

Weight gain with regard to increased consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages

The researchers found a total of four relatively small studies in which participants were asked to take daily sugar-sweetened beverages. The development of the body weight of the participants compared to the weight of a control group. The participants in the control group took no sugar-sweetened beverages.

Since only four studies templates and no single study included more than 133 people , but only cautious conclusions were therefore possible :

The researchers found that sugar-sweetened beverage consumption caused an increase in weight .
The participants drank a daily bottle (600 ml) sugar-sweetened carbonated soft drink about three to twelve weeks , they took an average of about 0.2 kg (200 g) in weight .

In the individual studies, the calorie content of the drinks was very different. Fraud , the provision has been added calories 500 kcal per day , the weight gain could even be up to 0.8 kg ( 800 g).

This effect means that in the long run , however, can not be detected due to the relatively brief study period.
Of sugar-sweetened beverages not specifically examine effects - also were in the other studies - potentially harmful .

Type of sugar intake plays a role: solid or liquid

In a very small study was performed to investigate whether the composition of the sugar have an effect on caloric intake and body weight. Specifically, the participants took either a sweetened drink or a corresponding amount of sugary jelly beans to him. The result: When the sugar consumed in liquid form such as in soft drinks or sugar-sweetened beverages, the risk is increasing weight greater. In the study already the liquid amount of the sweetened beverage alone led to more kilogram of body weight.

The participants who consumed the other hand, the sugar in the form of jelly beans, their diet seems to fit better to the additional caloric intake than if they had taken a drink with the same amount of calories. These results are interesting, but not reliable enough, because too few people participated in this study.

Weight loss is not safe consumption with less sugar-sweetened beverages
The researchers found six studies involving more than 2,700 people , where a possible weight loss was investigated by fewer sweetened beverages . These were programs that people are persuaded to take less sweetened beverages. The result : a certain weight loss could the scientists just in participants with overweight certainly observe in normal weight people they saw no effect. However, it was not covered , how much extra liquid, the people had been drinking in the different groups . However, this has an influence on body weight . Since the results were recorded as part of a general program to change behavior and it is not a study to specifically investigate this question , one can not answer this question safely .

Diet drinks and weight

Many people automatically assume that the diet version of lemonade can not lead to weight gain because it contains no calories. This assumption has been scientifically but never fully proved . Although these beverages contain no calories, they could theoretically for other reasons lead to weight gain. For example , if the diet drinks increase appetite or cause you take more sweets or snacks. Also some people seem more and more to drink alcoholic mixed drinks when they are mixed with non-caloric sweeteners.

Sports to lose weight in a rainy morning ~ Weight Loss

Sports to lose weight in a rainy morning.Look at my videos and photos :)

I'm wet in the rain.but it was very nice.I love the morning sports.I do walk every morning and I ran a little.It rained in the morning.It was not a problem for me.I like the rain

Playing sports is very important to lose weight.                     
I played sports to lose weight and was able to

Fitness advice to beginners

-First, do a little warm-up act
-Do not force yourself too
-Do not exercise after eating
-The first walk starts in Sport
-1 hour walk and then relax
-Adequate rest for 10 minutes
-Then 20 minutes of light jogging pace
-Take a walk again
-and go home and take a shower

   I was happy because I wanted to run! But to be closer, if it did rain while we were there in coverage, we decided to drive the car there instead of the mile to the trails. As soon as we pull into the car park for hikers, of course it would rain harder than ever! We sat in the car discuss what options we still had to make this run possible. In addition, everything we had was on schedule to run a 30 min anyway. We were not running as it was raining so hard, we knew that we would not be able to see well, and the cub could not outside in these conditions. SUCCESS!

My advice to you

1-) Bring your children! Set a good example and teach them to be active. If they are old enough they can run with you or with her ​​bicycle, inline skates or skateboard.

2-)Run, while the kids are at school, after-school programs.

3-)Leave them with a trusted family member or friend.

4-)Find a way, the park or a playground has, so you and your partner can go watch the kids while the other trains.

5-)Run with them in a stroller when it so that you can enjoy your run nap time while they sleep.

6-)Make a small gym in your house with your own personal treadmill.

Working out to stay fit, or active does not have to be a chore. You can turn it into a family affair, or some time for yourself. If you want something bad enough, you will make a way to find work. Running is a way of life for us. It's our time with each other and us. There's always time to run and be healthy. Find your way around it

enough for today.If you can run in Evenings.Very helpful...Even if the weather is bad come out.Lose weight in your hands.Continue to follow me.I'll be installing new fitness programs

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Shopping trick with Slim-factor ~ Weight Loss

Anyone reading before purchasing terms that have to do with diet or weight, engages in the supermarket prefer to healthy food. A Dutch study shows why this is so.

Everybody knows it: It has set out to lose a few pounds and already lurking the culinary temptations in the supermarket, in a restaurant, at parties ... everywhere.

A Dutch study , which was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior ( SSIB ) in July 2012 , might finally have found a small but simple trick against attacks of weakness in such situations. Thus could subtle reminders of the personal weight loss goal help to access to healthy foods instead of fat traps.

As in previous studies by this research team to Esther K. Papies of the Utrecht University had shown that so-called priming - which is meant to influence the processing of a stimulus by a preceding stimulus, the implicit memory contents activated - dieters can help less -calorie snacks consume .


As part of the recent investigation Papies and colleagues tested the priming method in the form of recipe flyers which they distributed their subjects in a supermarket before shopping . On the paper were only terms that had to do with a healthy diet.

The result: The test purchasers had at the box office much less unhealthy treats like chips, cookies or cake in your shopping basket . So think always nice and easy to take off a list of healthy foods before the next purchase and read the best low-calorie dishes in the restaurant only . Of course only if you want to get rid of a few pounds .

Anjette Marrache Jones

I remember my first exercise video my parents bought for me being “Jane Fonda’s Workout”.  I would wear my long leggings, leg warmers and long sleeved leotard, just like those worn in the video, trying to imitate all of their moves.  I remember thinking “I can’t ever do this, I am so inflexible!” – Jane Fonda and her crew were extremely flexible; all the exercises done (without trainers) really showed off their flexibility.  I enjoyed the video so much, that I think I knew it off by heart. To this day, I still shout to the women who I train with “don’t forget to breathe!”, just as Jane Fonda did in that video.

I was thirteen at the time, and that was my introduction to the exercising world, where an instructor motivated others to join her and become fit and healthy. In 1982 the full benefits of exercising were not as well known, and fitness was not the profitable business it is today. I continued to purchase other videos which I followed at home, much to my parents dismay, considering we only had one TV and one video player in the house!

The first time I joined a gym was after my A Levels.  Whist studying for my exams, I would eat during my breaks instead of going for a walk or a run, and unfortunately I piled on the weight; when I finished my exams I was at least 8 kilos heavier than I had ever been.  My parents very generously paid for me to join ‘Bodyworks Gym’, and that was the beginning of my realisation that exercise had to be part of my life, in order for me to be healthy and happy.  I enjoyed all the classes they offered, and although I had always previously thought I could not dance (I had two left feet!), the classes showed me that I was able to follow the instructor, while remembering the aerobics choreography, all the while without feeling and looking ridiculous.  I feel that this was a turning point in my life – I felt more confident in myself, less shy and much more assertive.  This change caused such a large internal impact, that I joined the ‘Miss Gibraltar Pageant’, something which I previously would not have had the courage to do.  I also decided to study law instead of dentistry; I felt I wasn’t scared of public speaking any more!

In the UK I joined various gyms and their associated classes. Through these I understood what motivates the participants, what makes them want to return, and what is effective for weight loss and toning.  When I could not afford to join a gym class I continued with my jogging, no matter the weather, and I also cycled to and from University.  I tried to eat a healthy balanced diet during my student days, even though that was much harder than keeping fit!  When I returned to Gibraltar I joined Bodyworks again, and continued training every day.  When Bodyworks closed I joined classes given by individual instructors like Sylvana, until I got married and left to live in the UK.  During my six plus pregnancies I continued to exercise daily, to the extent that I was in the gym the morning before I gave birth to my second son!  I was always able to return to the gym the moment my doctor gave me the go ahead, and I have found that I was able to return to my pre baby weight as a result of my love for training.

My personal life changed completely when I was pregnant with my sixth child. After giving birth (through C-Section this time) I was concerned that I was not going to be able to get fit again. I started jogging, and found that it helped me sleep, as well as generally cope with the various stresses of that period in my life. My sister suggested I join a class, and even though I felt I was getting too old to do this, she insisted I join a step class with Helene. I just loved it. I would look forward to these classes; they were once a week, and became a bit of a social event.  The music, the instructor and the other women all made me feel more positive about myself, helping me cope with the craziness which was my life.  I had forgotten what exercise does to a person; how it motivates oneself, and helps one feel strong and ready to take on the world. I soon found myself joining in other classes, which helped me handle parenting six children on my own. Whenever I felt I could not grapple with my situation, I would either make time to go for a run or join a class if possible.

Over time, I felt I wanted to pass on my coping mechanism to others, leading me to start to teach a group of young girls. Not only did I tell them why I thought exercise is important in our lives, but I tried to infuse in them a love for exercising, not to just lose weight, but for its incredible benefits.  Exercising allows you to make new friends, to sweat out those toxins, and produce that ‘high’ created only by the endorphins released by exercise. I had to stop teaching my first group when I started a job, but that did not last very long, and I was soon back to my classes. This time I decided my life needed a change in direction, especially career-wise, so I began an online course to become a personal trainer.

That summer, when no classes were taking place, a few of my training buddies and I decided to continue training, as we felt it would be a pity to lose the level of fitness we had achieved.  We said we would take it in turns to prepare the class, but somehow after I led the first session, no-one else volunteered to organise any of the classes.  I loved the work involved in preparing the classes, and found my personal training course very helpful.

At the end of summer, despite everyone returning to their respective classes, I would still organise the odd session when no others were taking place. That December, I was given fitness equipment as a gift; my ticket to begin giving my own classes to my friends. I still have not finished my Personal Trainers course, and thus my classes are free and for my friends. My friends allow me to test routines which I learn from my course, and they give me feedback as to whether they enjoyed the class, and whether they felt it was effective or otherwise. I have also completed a Piloxing Instructors course with Janine Perera, and a Piloxing Knockout Instructors course. Janine occasionally lets me teach a few blocks during her classes, allowing me to gain the confidence to teach my own classes. I also have a faithful group of ladies who also let me use them to practice my Piloxing routines.

Exercise has not only kept me fit and healthy, but sane. I believe it has helped me be a better mother, and I am sure my kids can vouch for the fact that, although mum can lose it, when she is stressed she goes for a run and returns a much calmer person. I am lucky to love training, and although my weight does fluctuate at times, I know that without exercise in my life, I do not think I could have coped. My advice to everyone, no matter what, is to get out there and find a class, go for a run or join a team; make exercise part of your life!

Classes taught by UK qualified instructor. Get professional help at a fraction of the cost.

Body Pump


This is a Moderate to advanced class for both women & men, using a variety of equipment , including barbells & weight plates and focusing on the major muscle groups in your whole body, to optimize results and boost your body’s toning rate.

Sweet Cheeks & Ab Attack


This class focuses on key areas women often feel lose shape, thighs, buttock and stomach. Using carefully researched exercises that have proven results time after time. This class is suitable for beginners to the more experienced fitness enthusiast, guaranteed to tighten your butt & stomach fast.



This is a fun class for all fitness levels, using the Swiss Fitball for 90% of the exercises, it is a low impact class, great for any women with a previous injury or any muscle or joint problems. It is a full body work out and will help to sculpt all your major muscles. 

Fat Burner Advanced

This is an intense rapid result class suitable for male and female exercise enthusiasts, this class has guaranteed results and beats any other type of aerobics class. Using a high repetition structure, specially selected exercises and minimal rest, you can burn up to 500 calories in just 50 minutes.  Advanced fat burner class is for the more experienced exercise enthusiast.

Zumba Fitness

The revolutionary dance fitness class, suitable for all fitness levels. Every class feels like a party! You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow the teachers lead. It's easy! You will exercise without even knowing you're doing it! Come and try it, we guarantee you will have a blast and we hope to make you SMILE, SHAKE, and SWEAT at this high-energy class.

Rapid Fit

This class uses the latest compound exercises which will challenge multiple muscles groups in just one move, it is structured to work the whole body and train to fatigue. Properly executed this class can excel your fitness levels and bring on rapid results. This class is an advanced class suitable for both men & women with an understanding & moderate level of fitness.

Max Abs & Core

This class uses advanced exercise techniques to help tone and shape your physic, primarily targeting your abdominal muscles. The class is structured to challenge your fitness level, improve you core strength and is also designed to get fast results! It is a moderate to advanced class but can be enjoyed by all fitness levels, as teacher Sarah will help any beginners with their technique and can give alternative exercises for less experienced exercise enthusiast.

Pre Natal Fitball

Following a similar structure to the standard Fitball class but adapted for expecting mums, by selecting exercises that will both benefit you during labor and help tighten muscles that become stretched from your ever changing body shape, this class is suitable for mums during each stage of pregnancy and adaption will be given to suit each class member. This class is taught by a fully qualified professional in exercise & pregnancy…with over 6 year’s experience of safely teaching expecting mums.

How To REALLY Lose Weight

(Doctor Oz) – Melissa McCarthy is widely agreed to be one of the funniest women working in Hollywood today, and yet despite her tremendous success, it seems every interview and magazine profile has to make at least a passing reference to her weight.

I doubt that was Melissa’s motivation to drop over 50 pounds recently, but as an added bonus, all those insipid columnists and red carpet blowhards will now have to come up with something else to talk about.

That’s a photo of the 45-year-old actress showing off her amazing body transformation on the set of her new movie, The Boss

I sat down with Melissa to find out how she managed to lose so much weight in record time and how she’s planning to keep it off.

Dr. Oz: Tell us about your weight-loss struggles?

Melissa McCarthy: I have struggled with my weight throughout my entire life. Thankfully though, near the end of 2015, I made a commitment to my health and I have stuck to it. Just a few months later and I am in the best shape of my life! I’ve lost more than 50 pounds without breaking a sweat. I haven’t really done it the old-fashioned way, slow and steady, by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Dr. Oz: So, what’s your secret?

Melissa McCarthy: I was watching your show with my husband one night and heard you talk about a fat buster called the 3 Week Diet. I was very skeptical because wherever you look somebody is trying to sell you on some miracle diet supplement. But this stuff really worked for me.

Dr. Oz: So, you’re saying you didn’t change your habits or started exercising?

Melissa McCarthy: I don’t feel like I went on “real” diet. I just continued with my days as normal, eating mostly what I normally eat. We have 2 children so dieting in our home is not something we normally do, but this system was so effective that it was a breakthrough for me. I also tried exercising, but it didn’t last long. I was just too busy with the kids and upcoming movies and I didn’t have time to spend hours in the gym. So, I figured I would just follow the plan and hope for the best (laughing).

Dr. Oz: How soon did you start seeing results?

Melissa McCarthy: I noticed a change in my body the first week. I was so amazed. All my friends asked me what diet I was on and when I told them I was using the 3 week diet they couldn’t believe it. Some of them also ordered the product and are having great results. But I will speak for myself and say that this is the best weight loss product I have tried, and I’ve tried many. Losing weight shouldn’t be this easy (laughing).

Dr. Oz: Would you share with our readers where you bought the product?

Melissa McCarthy: I’m against endorsements so I need your readers to keep in mind that and I’m not making any money on this recommendation. The only reason I am willing to talk about it is because it really did wonders for me. And I strongly recommend everyone to do research before they buy anything online.

You were talking about the 3 week diet so that’s the product I used. I figured if you recommended it, there’s gotta be some science behind it, right?

Dr. Oz: Now that you’ve lost 50 pounds, what’s your next weight loss goal?

Melissa McCarthy: I don’t want to lose any more weight. I’ve actually stopped following the diet because skinny is not who I am. I’m going to keep my curves. I love me.

Dr. Oz: People already call you the “Queen of comedy,” what’s up next for you?

Melissa McCarthy: I am busier than ever with my two upcoming movies: The Boss and Ghostbusters and my latest fashion line. I am continuing to work hard, expand, try new things, and have fun!

Here’s a closer look at Melissa McCarthy’s dramatic transformation. We barely recognized her when she came for an interview.

Melissa McCarthy is not the only celebrity who owes her weight loss success to this diet.
The 3 week diet has been secretly used in Hollywood as a powerful diet supplement and appetite suppressant for years, but it seems that most celebrities would rather have people think their miraculous weight loss is due to rigorous diet and workout regimes.

Not surprisingly, many people who struggle with their weight have yet to hear about it.

However, after recent endorsements by many other celebrities, it seems that the diet has been making its way into the homes of general public.

Cameron Diaz revealed on my show how she achieved her incredibly toned figure with the 3 week diet!

The 3 week diet helped Jennifer Lopez lose 18 lbs in just 1 month!

As I began to investigate the countless success stories reported by celebrities and people just like you from all around the globe, I decided that this weight loss trend was worthy of a closer examination.

To take my research a step further, I participated in a study conducted by Columbia University’s Obesity Research Center.

This study was performed according to a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group design. Subjects aged 20 to 65 years with a visceral fat area >90 cm2 were enrolled.

Subjects were randomly assigned to receive treatment for 12 weeks with the diet (containing 1000 mg of HCA per day) or placebo. At the end of the treatment period, both groups were administered placebo for 4 weeks to assess any rebound effect.

Each subject underwent a computed tomography scan at the umbilical level at −2, 0, 12, and 16 weeks.


Forty-four subjects were randomized at baseline, and 39 completed the study (3 week diet group, n = 18; placebo group, n = 21). At 16 weeks, the 3 week diet group had significantly reduced visceral, subcutaneous, and total fat areas compared with the placebo group (all indices P<0.001). No severe adverse effect was observed at any time in the test period. There were no signs of a rebound effect from week 12 to week 16.

How does the diet work?

The 3 Week Diet boosts weight loss by slowing the body’s ability to absorb fat, replacing fat with toned muscles and even improving your mood and suppressing the drive to react to stressful situations with food. It flushes out all the toxins from your body and works as an anti oxidant to help your skin and hair look younger. It energizes your system, making you feel better in no time.

The 3 Week Diet is clinically proven to:
  • Deliver 4 times more weight loss than diet and exercise combined
  • Suppress appetite
  • Promote cardiovascular and digestive health
  • Help eliminate bad toxins that have built up over the years
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve skin and hair
  • Increase metabolism
Here are some more real life examples from people who had amazing results just by using it.
My Results – I dropped 21 lbs in just 1 month and lost 3 dress sizes. I nearly cried!

Week One:

After one week I was surprised at the dramatic results. My energy level was up, and I wasn’t even hungry. A welcomed side effect of it is its power to curb the appetite.

I honestly felt fantastic!
Best of all, I didn’t even change anything about my daily routine. On Day 7, I got on the scale and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost 3.5 lbs. But I still wasn’t convinced, since they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks. But it sure was looking up! I now weighed under 122 lbs for the first time in years!

Week Two:

After two weeks of using the 3 week diet, I started the week off with even more energy, and actually sleeping more soundly than before. I was no longer waking up during the night and tossing and turning because my body was actually able to relax (this is a result of getting rid of the toxins, I think). Plus I still managed to lose another 7 lbs, putting me at an unbelievable 10.5 lbs of weight loss, in just 2 weeks.

I must admit that I’m starting to believe that this is more than just a gimmick.

Week Three:

After 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I am down 2 full dress sizes after losing another 3.5 lbs. And I still have a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third week of other diets, you tend to run out of steam. But with this my energy levels didn’t dip, instead they remain steady throughout the day. I no longer need that cat nap around 3pm in the afternoon! I am even noticing that my stomach is digesting food so much better. No bloating or embarrassing gas after I eat.

Week Four:

After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an unbelievable 21 lbs since starting using the 3 week diet! I am definitely going to continue with it because it has so many antioxidants and vitamins that makes my skin look unbelievable.

I couldn’t be any happier with the results. I Lost 21 lbs in 4 Weeks, No Special tricks, No Intense Exercise.

As I have often reported on my show, losing weight often feels like an impossible challenge and all too frequently the results are painfully disappointing. However, after an exhaustive research effort including interviewing actual dieters using this exact system, I’m more than excited about this medical breakthrough.

I rarely do these write ups because the reality is that there is just a bunch of rubbish out there claiming to be that next big weight-loss breakthrough. But this was just too good to keep away from the public.

It’s not often you can find something that helps you lose weight without changing your diet or exercise habits, but the 3 week diet seems to do just that.

As a special thanks to my loyal readers, I have personally arranged an EXCLUSIVE deal for my readers, so you will be among the very few men and women to sample the remarkable results of this diet free of charge. But make sure you act fast, as the number of free trials is limited.

Take advantage of my exclusive link to get a FREE trial and the lowest possible price on shipping, courtesy of Dr. Oz.

Protein Peanut Butter Swirl Banana Bread

Some how, we always end up with a few leftover brown bananas just sitting on the counter. Bananas that are a bit too mushy to eat – but don’t throw them out! These are perfect for baking. And you know what they say, when life gives you ripe bananas, make banana bread. Healthy banana bread, at that.

Bananas and peanut butter are a pretty classic combination, and I like any excuse to add peanut butter to things, so I decided to make a recipe for a peanut butter swirl banana bread. The ‘swirl’ part comes from drizzling some peanut butter over the top of the loaf before placing it in the oven, so that it seeps into the loaf gradually as it bakes. You can use any peanut butter you like, but for the perfect creamy and drizzly texture, I always use Pip & Nut.

This is a gluten-free recipe, as I replace regular flour with ground almonds. I usually use ground almonds in baking because it’s high in good fats and really low in carbs – so apart from helping with the macros, it actually makes for much more moist bakes. Important – banana bread should be moist and fluffy, never dry.

It also contains much more protein than flour, so by adding just 1 scoop of protein powder to the whole recipe, you end up with 9g of protein per banana bread slice.


  • 2 large overripe bananas (don’t be afraid to let them get really brown first – the browner, the better)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 scoop protein powder (*see note)
  • 120g ground almonds
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 60g natural greek yoghurt
  • 40g natural peanut butter (my favourite is Pip & Nut)
  • 60g maple syrup (or honey)
  • 2 Tbsps truvia (or preferred sweetener)
  • 2 tsps cinnamon


I use Quest peanut butter flavour protein, but you can substitute for a vanilla flavour or of course a banana flavour. The reason I choose Quest for baking is because it’s a whey and casein blend, unlike pure whey protein which can often make things far more dry when baked. If you want to use whey, you may just want to add a bit more liquid to the recipe (e.g. a splash of milk or almond milk) to counter-act this.

Step 1 – Preparation

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C and line a rectangular or loaf-shaped baking tin with brown baking paper.
Start by whisking eggs together in a large mixing bowl until light and fluffy.
Mix in the vanilla extract, maple syrup and sweeteners.
Add the ground almonds, protein powder, baking powder and 2 tsps of cinnamon.
Finally add greek yoghurt and just 20g of the peanut butter. Save the rest for a minute.
Mix all the ingredients together until combined into a smooth batter.
Pour the batter into the baking tin. Drizzle the remaining peanut butter over the top of the loaf.

Step 2 – Baking

Bake for approximately 25 – 30 minutes, until a knife inserted in the centre of the loaf comes out more-or-less clean. Try not to over-bake it though, as you don’t want to end up with dry banana bread.
Leave aside to cool down completely.

Final step – Enjoy!

Carefully remove from the baking tin by lifting up the parchment paper.
Slice it up.
Optional: drizzle some more peanut butter over the top.

per slice (of 10)

172 cals
11g carbs
9g fat
9g protein
1.5g fibre

The Breakfast Myth

Let’s bust a diet myth, shall we?

Do you think breakfast is the most important meal of the day? I definitely used to think it was…

You know, because I “heard” it… or “saw” it on TV… anyone remember Tony the Tiger? And his famous ‘Frosties’? They bring out the TIGER in you!


Studies have previously claimed that eating breakfast is associated with better health and lower body mass, so really it’s no wonder that my mother forced me to have breakfast every day!

However, is there really a causal relationship? Does this mean that skipping breakfast will make you unhealthy and fat?

Not really – these claims have been made merely from observation, which is totally unreliable. Think about this – most people who skip breakfast also tend to be less health conscious, with habits such as going to bed later than those who eat breakfast. So generally, breakfast skippers tend to have worse lifestyles. You can see how eating breakfast doesn’t necessarily make you healthier, but rather those who eat breakfast are more likely to be health conscious than those who don’t. This just shows how studies claiming that having breakfast makes you healthier are merely correlations, as opposed to actual causations!

A study by LeCheminant et al. showed that when people who did not usually consume breakfast incorporated it into their diet for 4 weeks, they gained weight and fat.

“Er… so wasn’t breakfast supposed to help you lose weight?” Merely an observation people!

“Why did they put on weight?”

By eating breakfast they were adding more calories to their day. These people significantly increased their calorie intake, especially those coming from carbohydrates (i.e cereals loaded with sugar etc). As a result of the notion that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, people have always believed that eating something for breakfast is better than eating nothing, BUT this is not the case when that “something” is junk food! People go for the biscuits and the quick high calorie snacks, when in fact it is better to wait, and instead eat something more nutritious when you feel hungry again.

Since the people in the study didn’t reduce calorie intake on their other meals, nor increase their physical activity, they did not compensate for the increased calorie intake from their breakfast, so these people actually gained weight instead!

Now I’m not saying that people shouldn’t eat breakfast. Some people prefer to eat in the morning, whereas others don’t – it’s totally up to your own preference! BUT, those who do eat breakfast should be aware that the meal should be nutritious, as well as be sure that their daily calorie intake is not greater than their daily calorie expenditure. In other words, your weight loss or weight gain is attributable to the amount of calories you consume, regardless of whether you eat breakfast or not!

Instagram's Most Influential Fitness Trainer

Jen Selter
Tells It All

She squats, she lunges and is the second most influential fitness Instagram star by
Forbes. Jen Selter first gathered media attention for her debut at a young age on Instagram. As of 2019, she has over 12.8 million followers on Instagram.

If one were gauging admiration by the number of followers on social media, then Jen Selter is definitely the queen of fitspo. Having been named #2 on Forbes inaugural list of “Top Influencers” in the fitness category, the former front desk gym clerk has leveraged her worldrenowned physique and love of fitness into a social media driven empire.

Sun Sign Fitness ( august )

Explore these new horizons as you enjoy this new level of health you’re experiencing.
You’re going to have to make some decisions that could affect your fitness routine. What are you hoping to gain in the long term?
What could you do right now that will help you get as fit as possible? Treat yourself to a dance class or maybe a long nap.
You’ve earned it!

Take your workout outside for a fun summer adventure. Some intense yoga or a backpacking trip might just do the trick. Get back into nature to heal yourself. Work out your upper body when the sun enters glamorous Leo on the twenty- second and makes you want to look good for the summer. A massage will do wonders for you.

Summer may be full of fun and relaxation, but you’ll want to pencil in some healing along with your next big pool party. Use this time to embark on a fitness adventure with your pals. Embrace the power of friendship as you continue your quest for better health.

Don’t set unreasonable goals, but do try to up your fitness game to the next level. Maybe increase the speed on your exercise bike or change your diet. You may not feel the burn, but you’ll be feeling much healthier. Maybe it’s time to switch things up by changing your workout routine. Go jogging outside.

Own up, Cancer, we know you haven’t been to the gym. Yes, we’ve heard your excuses: You’re tired. The gym is too far away. You don’t know where your gym bag is. Confront your excuses and get to the real reason you’re ignoring your health. Use this time to reach small, manageable health goals like planning meals or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The small steps really can lead to big results.

Wow! All that hard work at the gym has really paid off, Leo. Not only are you looking good but you’re feeling good, too! Embrace the magic of summer by catching some waves or working on your tan. A yoga class or long walk will clear your mind and ease the tension in your body. Take deep breaths, too.

You have a lot of big fitness goals planned for yourself. You want to feel stronger and more energized, and you want to look more toned. Just keep following your regular routine and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to work out every part of your body. Balance is the name of the game this season. Include some breathing techniques in your routine. Later, you’ll be glad you did.

Before you hit the gym, have a physical done by your doctor to make sure everything is in tip-top condition. You don’t want to get injured and ruin all the progress you’ve made. Use this time to focus on the areas you want to improve. Go for a nice, relaxing swim to ease some of that tension. Go to bed earlier - you need your rest.

Have you been thinking of trying something new? Has that new salsa dancing class caught your eye? Maybe you’re considering trying your hand at whitewater rafting? Whatever it is, this is the perfect time to try it out! Take your fitness goals one day at a time, and be kind to yourself. You’re only human.
Don’t give up.

You might be tempted to lock yourself in your room and watch bad TV. Head to the  gym instead and burn off that stress. Remember, endorphins make you happy! Make a list of the wellness goals you want to reach in the weeks to come.
Accept your own limitations and work from there. While you may enjoy jogging, you must remember that life isn’t a race.

Embrace the wonder  of outdoor summer workouts. Use it to your advantage by going on an outdoor adventure with your friends. Take a hike in nature or partake in a friendly game of beach volleyball. Look at your mental fitness. Ask yourself how you’re feeling emotionally. Make sure you feel as good as you look.

You could start the month by doing some pretty intense workouts
- really pushing yourself. All this movement will be great for your brain as well. You could find that your most creative ideas come when you’re working out. Do you have any physical or emotional pain that hasn’t healed? Now is the time to focus on that. Remember, you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.

The Top 20 Products To Buy (Part_2)

11. Enchiladas, Chicken with Tomatillo Sauce
Real Good Foods
Gluten-free tortilla made from antibiotic-free chicken breast. No added grains, gluten or fiber fillers. Made from scratch and slow cooked.

12.Chewy Nut Butter Bars
Here’s a breakfast bar that actually lists nut butter as the first ingredient (yum). To round out your breakfast, try breaking it up and sprinkling it in some unsweetened Greek yogurt as a chocolatey granola.

13. Bean Chips
Satisfy that crunchy, savory craving with chips that actually pack in protein and fiber with each munch. Beanitos transform pulses like navy, white, and black beans into a pretty addictive snack, especially when you use them to scoop up veggie-loaded salsa.

14. Fresh Royal Osetra Caviar
Jalapeños and chipotle peppers spice up a chopped mix of corn, black beans, bell peppers, and onions for a flavorful topping you can put on everything from chicken to omelettes. Actual caviar doesn’t hold a candle to it.

15. Peanut Butter Brownie Smash Protein Bar
Quest Nutrition
The first-ever Smash Bar is sure to be a hit with Quest fans and newcomers alike. It’s the perfect snack for health conscious consumers on-the-go.

16. White Almond Butter
Biona Organic
Biona organic white almond butter is made from blanched, sweet, unroasted almonds. Try it on a toast or a cucumber stick.

17. Organic White Miso Instant Soup
For when you don’t want to cook (or can’t make it to the store), keep this lowsodium, protein rich tofu soup.

18. Golean Crisp Berry Cereal
Fill your bowl in the morning with a satisfying serving of whole grains and fiber. It comes in some great flavours for you to try.

19. Triple Zero Vanilla Yogurt
Dannon Oikos
With 15 grams of protein and only 6 grams of sugar in each cup, this nonfat Greek yogurt brings all of filling creaminess you want with zero of the added sweeteners you don’t.

20. Organic Coconut Water
Coco Joy
Best way to stay hydrated this summer, without worrying about the calories