10 Ways to Lose Weight Without any Exercise

Many people hit to the gym or go for rigorous workout but there are ways to lose weight without exercise. Infact it is said that 70 percent of your weight loss depends on nutrition and only 30 percent depends on workout.


  • Stay hydrated
stay hydrated - lose weight without exercise
Water doesn’t just remove thirst , drinking at least 12 glasses of water aids in weight loss. It keeps a check on your appetite and make sure you do not eat extra. One of the best age old weight loss tips is to drink warm water after you wake up in the morning.
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  • Keep healthy snacks
Keep healthy snacks - lose weight without exercise
Healthy snacking is very important if you want to lose weight. So make sure you carry some nuts, makhana or any other healthy snack with you to deal with hunger pangs. Also it is good if you don’t keep any unhealthy snack at home. This will help you to avoid unhealthy food which will ensure you will lose weight without exercise.
  • Be slow while eating
Studies say that fast eaters are more likely to get obessed. Food should be eaten slowly and chew properly. Do read – 6 Things You Should Never Do After Eating
  • Lemon water and ajwain water
lemon water - lose weight without exercise
Start your day with a warm glass of lemon water with honey. You can boil some ajwain in water and drink it. These drinks are excellent in enhancing metabolism.
  • Avoid white sugar
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White sugar - lose weight without exercise
White sugar is not good for health and is directly linked to weight. So one can decrease the quantity of white sugar consumed by them. White sugar can be replaced with brown sugar or jaggery.
  • Avoid aerated drinks
avoid aerated drinks - lose weight without exercise
Aerated drinks are loved by all of us especially in summers. But these drinks are full of sugar and caffeine thus a shortcut to gain weight. Avoiding them will go a long way in weight loss without exercise.
  • Eat in regular intervals
One of the important weight loss tips is to eat at regular intervals . 6 to 8 meals a day is better than 3 meals a day. Eating on regular intervals will ensure that you do not eat extra in one meal and it will make you feel full fast. Take healthy snacks or fruits before lunch and in evening before dinner.
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  • Eat high protein diet
One of the important weight loss tips is to has a diet which is rich in protein. Protein rich diet food has good impact on our body. It increases the feeling of fullness and helps you eat fewer calories. So replacing some part of grains with lentils and other protein rich food.
  • Eliminate electronic distractions while eating
avoid watching tv - lose weight without exercise
It is good to avoid watching TV or using cellphones while having your meals. This help you to focus on the food and eat small portions. Studies show that those who eat absent mindedly tend to eat more calories than others. These extra calories consumed on a regular basis will have a massive impact on your health.
  • Reduce stress and enhance sleep
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reduce stress and enhance sleep - lose weight without exercise
Lack of sleep disturbs the appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin. High stress levelsmay fluctuate your hunger times and increases cravings for unhealthy food.
These simple tips can work great on you and you will lose weight without exercise or some conventional tiring workout routine.