25 Best Family Packaged Products ( Part_3 )

This cool subscription based clothing company for infants and toddlers is so fun. You create a profile for your baby based on your preferences and they send you a selection of hard to find brands every quarter. Pay for the ones you want to keep with 10-15 percent off your order and return the items you don’t. This company not only saves time for busy parents, but also brings in unique collections you wouldn’t normally find. Talk about fashionable tots.

This German brand is the gold standard for baby formula. Europeans have stricter standards for products, thus their formulas are of the highest quality. You can actually smell and taste the difference. The milk comes from cows raised on biodynamic farms (Demeter Certified, meaning no dehorning) and contain nothing that is genetically modified with no artificial chemicals or preservatives. You can feel good about buying Holle from every aspect.

23.Dr. Brown’sToothpaste  
As babies start to eat solid foods, teeth brushing becomes very important. Dr. Brown’s Toothpaste has a pleasant flavor that is safe and gentle. Babies love it and it’s a great start to teaching your babies on proper dental hygiene.

24.Baby Brezza 
This formula dispenser is like a fancy espresso machine. Let’s just face it, parents have it hard enough with a new baby and if there is more than one kid in the house, there really is no time to do everything in one day. Drift into your kitchen half awake, press a preset button and let it make the perfect bottle of milk for your baby in seconds saving you valuable sleep time.

25.Guava Pack and Play
Do yourself a favor and buy the Guava Pack and Play. The soft sides with dark fabric and shade make for a much more comfortable and soothing surrounding for the baby. It’s more like a cocoon than a crib. They can lean against it and feel at ease without hard, cold, bars. It’s light weight and great for travel so it can be taken anywhere. It’s super mobile and provides your baby a consistent element when they are traveling from one place to another. The Guava Pack and Play is one of the most high quality options out there with a convenient bag to carry it in.