Shopping trick with Slim-factor ~ Weight Loss

Anyone reading before purchasing terms that have to do with diet or weight, engages in the supermarket prefer to healthy food. A Dutch study shows why this is so.

Everybody knows it: It has set out to lose a few pounds and already lurking the culinary temptations in the supermarket, in a restaurant, at parties ... everywhere.

A Dutch study , which was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior ( SSIB ) in July 2012 , might finally have found a small but simple trick against attacks of weakness in such situations. Thus could subtle reminders of the personal weight loss goal help to access to healthy foods instead of fat traps.

As in previous studies by this research team to Esther K. Papies of the Utrecht University had shown that so-called priming - which is meant to influence the processing of a stimulus by a preceding stimulus, the implicit memory contents activated - dieters can help less -calorie snacks consume .


As part of the recent investigation Papies and colleagues tested the priming method in the form of recipe flyers which they distributed their subjects in a supermarket before shopping . On the paper were only terms that had to do with a healthy diet.

The result: The test purchasers had at the box office much less unhealthy treats like chips, cookies or cake in your shopping basket . So think always nice and easy to take off a list of healthy foods before the next purchase and read the best low-calorie dishes in the restaurant only . Of course only if you want to get rid of a few pounds .