Sports to lose weight in a rainy morning ~ Weight Loss

Sports to lose weight in a rainy morning.Look at my videos and photos :)

I'm wet in the rain.but it was very nice.I love the morning sports.I do walk every morning and I ran a little.It rained in the morning.It was not a problem for me.I like the rain

Playing sports is very important to lose weight.                     
I played sports to lose weight and was able to

Fitness advice to beginners

-First, do a little warm-up act
-Do not force yourself too
-Do not exercise after eating
-The first walk starts in Sport
-1 hour walk and then relax
-Adequate rest for 10 minutes
-Then 20 minutes of light jogging pace
-Take a walk again
-and go home and take a shower

   I was happy because I wanted to run! But to be closer, if it did rain while we were there in coverage, we decided to drive the car there instead of the mile to the trails. As soon as we pull into the car park for hikers, of course it would rain harder than ever! We sat in the car discuss what options we still had to make this run possible. In addition, everything we had was on schedule to run a 30 min anyway. We were not running as it was raining so hard, we knew that we would not be able to see well, and the cub could not outside in these conditions. SUCCESS!

My advice to you

1-) Bring your children! Set a good example and teach them to be active. If they are old enough they can run with you or with her ​​bicycle, inline skates or skateboard.

2-)Run, while the kids are at school, after-school programs.

3-)Leave them with a trusted family member or friend.

4-)Find a way, the park or a playground has, so you and your partner can go watch the kids while the other trains.

5-)Run with them in a stroller when it so that you can enjoy your run nap time while they sleep.

6-)Make a small gym in your house with your own personal treadmill.

Working out to stay fit, or active does not have to be a chore. You can turn it into a family affair, or some time for yourself. If you want something bad enough, you will make a way to find work. Running is a way of life for us. It's our time with each other and us. There's always time to run and be healthy. Find your way around it

enough for today.If you can run in Evenings.Very helpful...Even if the weather is bad come out.Lose weight in your hands.Continue to follow me.I'll be installing new fitness programs

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